Project: Aible 2020-2023

Project initiator, Member of Interreg European project Aible (An upper-limb rehabilitation exoskeleton robot based on AI and cloud computing)

Coordinator of UPJV Team, Leader of WP 1 Cloud computing

European project Interreg, 5 million euros, 12 partners

Project: “Allocation de recherche Hauts-de-France” 2020-2023

Coordinator of project: AI-based person following

Collaborate with Javier Civera, University of Saragossa, Spain

Project “Allocation de recherche Hauts-de-France”

Project: Seed4C 2012-2015

Member of Celtic European project Seed4C (Secured Embedded Element for Cloud).

Research engineer.

Project: SAAMR 2014-2016

Member of Chinese NFSC project (National Natural Science Foundation of China)

SAAMR(Software Architectures for Autonomous Mobile Robots Using Model Driven Engineering).

Project participant.

Project: TERESA 2009-2012

Member of FP7 European project TERESA (Trusted computing Engineering for Resource constrained Embedded Systems Applications).

Responsable of WP 3.

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